********************************************************************************** This site is for Amateur Radio operators (and those interested in the Amateur Radio service) in the South Eastern United States.   On these pages you will find information and links that are beneficial to Ham radio.  This is a work in progress, so things may not always be where you left them on your last visit. Check back often, and use the feedback option to offer suggestions, corrections or new ideas. **********************************************************************************


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*********************************************************************************** We currently have over 900 email addresses available at the se-hams.com domain.  If you would like to have a se-hams.com email address, click callsign@se-hams.com to send us a message and be sure to include the following info: your Name, Callsign and Preferred Email Address. Your se-hams.com email address will be set up for auto-forward only, meaning all mail to your address here will be forwarded to your (preferred) email address. This will allow everyone to have an email address with their callsign @ se-hams.com, and should simplify remembering email addresses among us.  ****************************************************************

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